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System Key Features And Advantages

Ligchine™ has partnered with Topcon Positioning Systems to offer you the world’s most sophisticated GPS controlled (global positioning system) 3D screeding system. The combination of Ligchine’s machines with Topcon’s “mmGPS system” guarantee amazing ease of use; significant labor savings; high-volume production; and world-class accuracy for 3D contour concrete placement.

  • Total scalability, i.e. run a huge variety of machines – and as many as you want – with one system
  • Extremely high precision
  • Included Rover allows you to simultaneously verify your work while screeding

Topcon GPS systems are used worldwide on dozers, motor graders, curb machines, excavators, scrapers and asphalt pavers. GPS machine control dominates the 3D grade application market with more than 90% market share and now it is available on Ligchine machines.

Ligchine/Topcon GPS system can simultaneously run a fleet of earth moving machines and concrete screeding machines (including all models of SCREEDSAVER™ and SPIDERSCREED™ machines) from a single GPS base station. You have the ability to verify your work with our included Rover, ensuring job site compliance and absolute accuracy at all times.

Already have a Topcon LPS system? We can easily upgrade you from LPS to GPS. Switching back and forth between the two systems is easy as each system shares many of the same Topcon hardware and software components resulting in maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness for your business.

Profitability and ROI (Return on Investment) are crucial in the ever-growing, multi-billion dollar industry of concrete overlays and paving. The versatile Ligchine machines that place concrete on grade, slope, dual slope and 3D contours will position you to grow your business in affordable steps into a wide variety of profitable opportunities and new markets.

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#D GPS Components for LIgchine Concrete Screeds
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