Topcon GX-55 Control Box

The bright and robust GX-55 delivers the highest quality graphical interface experience for modern machine control. The GX-55 was designed to handle rugged field conditions as well as harness powerful processing power needed to instantly display real time position and project design information..

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Topcon MC-R3 Machine Controller

Topcon’s MC-R3 is the heart of Topcon’s 3D-MC system. The MC-R3 contains all of the GNSS receivers, radios, and controllers in a single “built to last” housing. A built-in MINTER panel provides status lights and function keys for easy performance verification and system checks. The MC-R3 also features an Ethernet port, increased processing power over the previous generation box, and additional valve drivers to account for the widest array of machine compatibility.

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Topcon FC-5000 Field Computer

Powerful, tough, and versatile, the FC-5000 brings the processing speed expected in the office directly to your project site. Your daily field computer just arrived and it set to impress with a sunlight readable 7’ display, Intel Atom Z3745 processor, MIL-STD_810G and IP68 certifi ed, Windows 10 operating system, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, and an Integrated 4G LTE cellular module (optional).

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Topcon ST-3 Sonic Tracker

Utilizing multiple transducers, the Topcon’s ST-3 will update the control box with accurate elevation information over the whole detection range.

Its elliptical detection zone combined with the twice as fast pulsing transducers will provide a smoother and more predictable reaction to the detected surface on one side of the screed head.

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GT-1003 Total Station

The GT series of robotic total stations are a trimmed down, high-performance solution that’s ready to impress today, yet still grow with you into tomorrow. You get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long range reflectorless measurements, and the ability to perform as a hybrid positioning solution. All in a compact system that’s a third smaller and twice as fast.

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Topcon RC-5 Communication Module

When connected with external data collector the RC-5 LonglinkTM communication provides license free communication.  The Longlink communication is built in to the RC-5.  The RC-5 has the ability to send a signal to the total station to quickly re-acquire the prism.

Topcon Auto Tracking Prism

Topcon’s 360o Auto Tracking Prism mounted onto the screedhead allows the total station to track and maintain height position for the finished slab.