Ligchine ScreedSaver II – hoisting into jobsite with double mat rebar!

    The ScreedSaver line of concrete screeds are among the lightest boom screeds on the market. Jobsite accessibility is no problem as shown in this video from South Africa where the screed was hoisted into a jobsite and prepared for screeding on double mat rebar.

    Ligchine International ScreedSaver II – video from owners Lindec Romania

    Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver II is the world’s most navigable and compact boom operated screed ever offered. See it in action from ScreedSaver owner Lindec Romania

    Ligchine SCREEDSAVER II – The Ultimate in Maneuverability

    Ligchine International’s SCREEDSAVER II is the world’s first and only zero-turn laser guided concrete screed. The compact size of the SS II allows the operator to navigate and screed where conventional boom operated screed machines cannot. This video features the precision navigating capabilities of the SCREEDSAVER II.

    Ligchine SCREEDSAVER II screeding on double mat rebar

    Watch drone footage from Jarcon Floors of Ligchine International’s SCREEDSAVER II screeding and navigating on mat rebar with no damage to the structure underneath. The light weight of the entire SCREEDSAVER line up allows them to successfully perform on single & double mat rebar, chaired mesh, and heat tubing without damage!

    Ligchine SCREEDSAVER screeding PERVIOUS concrete

    Ligchine’s versatile machines equipped with our Paver head can be converted in a matter of minutes to screed pervious concrete. Simply remove the vibrating finish blade and you are ready to screed Pervious. Ligchine’s UK/Europe dealer CSS ( demonstrates how to screed pervious/permeable concrete using the SCREEDSAVER MAX and Ligchine’s ‘Paver Screed Head’ which is designed specifically for paving or pervious applications!

    Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver II screeding around columns and chaired mesh – elapsed time

    Our UK dealer ‘Concrete Sales and Service’ ( elapsed time screeding with Ligchine ScreedSaver II around columns with mesh being chaired ‘as you go’.

    ScreedSaver modified 7′ screed head for tight space applications

    Recently one of our customers contacted us regarding an upcoming pour where he had to meet high FL standards unachievable by hand, but had to operate in extremely tight spaces with walls already in place.

    Ligchine shortened the screed head for his application and the tight space pour was a total success for our customer.