ScreedSaver BOSS 240 with LPS – Materials Slab in Iowa

    Ligchine’s ScreedSaver BOSS 240 covers an impressive amount of ground on a farm in Northwestern Iowa.

    Watch from behind and above the BOSS while it earns its workhorse title moving mud on dirt and rebar.

    Ligchine International BOSS 240 with LPS – Wisconsin Roundabout

    Ligchine’s ScreedSaver BOSS 240 flawlessly screeds a roundabout in Racine, Wisconsin with a center pitch set to WisDOT standards!

    Ligchine SS BOSS 240 – Paving with Topcon LPS

    Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver BOSS 240 with custom black paint paves a large concrete parking lot in the Chicagoland area. Ligchine’s new ‘High Performance’ screedhead handled this tough mix in the Windy City.

    Ligchine International ScreedSaver BOSS 240 with Topcon LPS – Robotic Total Station Concrete Paving!

    Ligchine International has partnered with Topcon Positioning to offer the LPS 3D System (Robotic Total Station) for contoured 3D concrete paving.

    Ligchine International ScreedSaver BOSS 240 with Topcon 3D mmGPS System

    Watch Ligchine International’s mega screed, the ScreedSaver BOSS 240, pour a section of parking lot using Topcon’s 3D mmGPS system! The combined system makes the world’s most innovative laser guided screed capable of screeding multi-contour concrete parking lots.

    Ligchine ScreedSaver Boss 240 – 27k SQ FT Tractor Supply Store floor – screeded in under 3 hours!

    Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver BOSS 240 was used to screed a 27,000 sq. ft. Tractor Supply store floor. The superflat floor was screeded in under 3 hours time. Due to the subgrade being saturated from excessive rain, the lightweight Boss 240 delicately navigated on planks ontop the vapor barrier and mesh that would have been damaged by a heavier boom screed.

    Ligchine International ScreedSaver BOSS 240 – screeding new industrial shop floor!

    Ligchine International’s newest concrete screed, the ScreedSaver Boss 240, screeds a new 12,000 sq. ft. shop floor.

    Ligchine ScreedSaver BOSS 240 – screeding Gymnasium floor with fiber mesh!

    Ligchine’s newest laser guided screed, the BOSS 240 (featuring 240 sq. ft. (22.3m2) per pass) screeds a 14,000 sq ft (1300m2) gymnasium floor with a 12 ft (3.6m) superflat paver head and our new onboard sprayer system.  MIx included 5lbs/yard of fiber mesh and a 4″ slump.

    Ligchine ScreedSaver BOSS 240 – tight screeding and maneuvering

    Watch the labor saving ScreedSaver BOSS 240, Ligchine International’s newest laser guided screed, maneuver and screed a 14,000 sq ft (1300m2) gymnasium floor that that included 5 lbs./yard of fiber mesh. The BOSS 240’s rotating upper boom frame and lower drive frame make screeding tight corners a breeze. An on-board LED lighting system adds safety and visibility in low light job sites.