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Ligchine International and Somero Enterprises® both offer Mega Line Boom operated screeds that can place massive amounts of concrete, perfectly level, in very little time. Somero® has retained a near monopoly on Mega sized boom screeds for many years producing them as various models including the S-160, S-240, SXP and currently the S-22E.

The BOSS 240 screed runs side by side with the Somero® S-22E. Both machines screed 240 square feet (22.3m2) per pass with their standard screed heads, and both Ligchine and Somero® offer a convenient 360° hydraulic boom rotation. However, that is where the similarities end. The BOSS 240 is loaded with design features never before seen on a Mega screed including the following:

Zero turn drive system – Push a button and you control a 360° hydraulic zero turn drive system. Drive in any direction. Work your way out of an enclosed jobsite in half the time with the total agility of zero turn functionality.

Horizontal side shift – In the past when you approached a stickup you could circle around it leaving a trail of augered concrete to touch up later. With the BOSS 240 you can side shift right or left to clear the obstacle and minimize the concrete piling.

Built-in additive spray system – Standard on the BOSS is a liquid additive spray bar on the screed head with an on-board holding tank and automatic On/OFF activation. Batch plant shuts down – apply retarders. Eliminate the hand labor of spraying on hardeners while you screed.

Engine options – You now have the option of an engine that is best for your use. BOSS ships standard with Kubota’s newest 57hp Gas engine. Optionally, we can equip your machine with a Kubota LP Gas system for operating in enclosed spaces, or a traditional Kubota Diesel engine.


Mega Size Boom Operated Screeds
Specifications ScreedSaver BOSS 240 S22-E
Engine Size Kubota WG1605P 57hp Gas Deutz 74hp Turbo Diesel
Alternate fuel engine available Kubota WG1605P 57hp Gas or Diesel ?
Machine Size (Retracted) W-6’10” x L-16’6″ x H-5’6″ W-7’2″ x L-20’6″ x H-8’1″ (top of seat)
Machine Size (Retracted) W-2.1m x L-6.1m x H-1.7m W-2.2m x L-6.2m x H-2.5m
Machine Weight 7,950 lbs (3,606kg) + screed head 13,600 lbs (6,169 kg) + screed head
Steering System (Hydraulic) 2 Wheel Steering 2 Wheel Steering (options available)
Drive System (Hydraulic) 2 Wheel Drive 4 Wheel Drive
Parallel to the pour driving capable 360° Hydraulic Turntable  360° Hydraulic Turntable
360° Hydraulic controlled Turntable Standard (Boom AND Drive System) Standard (Boom only)
Machine Operation Control 100% Wireless Remote Control Seated Driver
Coverage per screed pass (no overlap) 240 sq. ft. (22.3m2) 240 sq. ft. (22.3m2)
Standard Screed head width 13’6″ (4.12m) 12’0″ (3.66m)
Boom Reach 18′ (5.5m) 20′ (6.1m)
Side Shift Stickup avoidance system Standard (Remote controlled) Not Available
Self-contained Liquid Topping sprayer system Standard (Remote controlled) Not Available
Diagnostics (Hydraulic, Electrical, Engine and Laser diagnostics) Standard – Parker MD4, 7″ color display with Touch Panel control Standard – DP610, 6.8″ color display
On-Board Pressure Washer Standard Optional
Transport with Pickup Truck and Trailer Yes No
Alternate Screed Head Options Paver, Pervious, Various Widths Paver, Pervious, Various Widths
Grade/Slope/Dual Slope control (Standard) Trimble LR30 Eyes (included) Somero® OASIS (included)
Contoured Slope 3D control (Optional) Choice of Topcon 3D LPS or 3D GPS Systems Somero® 3D Profiler System®