Metropolitan Concrete – Elapsed Time Screeding!

    Metropolitan Concrete Corporation
    130,000 SF
    3,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete

    Ligchine International – ScreedSaver MAX from our Europe Dealer – CSS Concrete Service and Supplies!

    Ligchine’s European dealer CSS (Concrete Service and Supplies) recorded this video of a ScreedSaver MAX placing a superflat floor in Staffordshire England!

    Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX – 3D GPS Concrete Paving

    Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver MAX is the ultimate in concrete paving. With Topcon’s 3d mmGPS system, the ScreedSaver MAX is capable of contoured concrete screeding for paving and parking lot applications.

    Ligchine International ScreedSaver MAX – Elapsed Time Video

    Watch RWG Contracts in the UK place 102 cubic meters of concrete with structural mesh with the Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX in this elapsed time video.

    Ligchine SCREEDSAVER screeding PERVIOUS concrete

    Ligchine’s versatile machines equipped with our Paver head can be converted in a matter of minutes to screed pervious concrete. Simply remove the vibrating finish blade and you are ready to screed Pervious. Ligchine’s UK/Europe dealer CSS ( demonstrates how to screed pervious/permeable concrete using the SCREEDSAVER MAX and Ligchine’s ‘Paver Screed Head’ which is designed specifically for paving or pervious applications!

    Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX – screeding a tennis court on chaired mesh.

    Watch the SCREEDSAVER MAX screeding concrete on a tennis court in Australia! See how the structural mesh is ‘chaired as you screed’ to avoid collapsed chairs–one of the great benefits of a boom operated screed vs. a drive in screed!

    Screedsaver MAX – 3D Paving at our new Ligchine Factory

    We opened our new Factory in August, but we’ve been too busy demonstrating our ScreedSaver machines around the world to take care of our own parking and driving pavement. We decided to invite customers from around the USA and Canada that wanted to see our ScreedSaver MAX and Topcon 3D mmGPS system at work and at the same time take the opportunity to tour our new facility. We appreciate the fact that so many of our customers traveled such long distances to be a part of this open house/demonstration. Thank you.

    Ligchine SCREEDSAVER MAX – DOT Roundabout Traffic Circle – 1600 yards, 3 days to complete

    Watch the SCREEDSAVER MAX pave a ’roundabout’ for the Wisconsin DOT (Department of Transportation). Ligchine International’s SCREEDSAVER MAX equipped with Topcon’s 3D mmGPS system is the ultimate in contoured concrete paving. This 3D project took 3 days to complete with the MAX leveling over 1600 yds of concrete that ranged between a 3.5 – 4.0″ slump.

    Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX screeding concrete under a drone!

    Watch aerial footage from a drone of the Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX screeding concrete!

    Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX – screeding 280,000 sq ft warehouse floor!

    Big job? Superflat floor? No problem for the SCREEDSAVER MAX! Watch as the MAX screeds this 280,000 sq ft concrete warehouse floor for a metal fabrication company in southern Wisconsin.

    Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver MAX on In-Floor Heat Tubing with Paver Head

    Ligchine screeding our NEW FACTORY floor (16,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility due to open in July). Watch footage of the ScreedSaver MAX operate on heat tubing and Styrofoam using our Super Flat Paver Screedhead with the NEW Extruded Finish Blade

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    Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver Max – Elapsed Time Screeding

    Our UK dealer ‘Concrete Sales and Service’ ( elapsed time screeding with Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX over chaired mesh.

    Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX screeding over structural mesh (elapsed time video)

    Watch the Ligchine International SCREEDSAVER MAX place over 650yd3 (500m3) concrete in one day in this elapsed time video.

    Screedsaver MAX – 3D concrete paving -105,000 sq. ft. (9,800m2) in 3 days!

    Ligchine customer takes delivery of his ScreedSaver Max complete with Topcon 3D GPS mm system and in his first 3 days of ownership screeds over 105,000 square feet (9,800m2).   This factory parking lot included 3 main flow lines for drainage with  8-10 points per line and was poured 6″ thick at a 4.5″ slump.

    Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX with TopCon 3D GPS for Concrete Paving

    Watch as Ligchine’s ScreedSaver paves a contoured 23,000 sq. ft. concrete parking with 10 mapping contour points. Slump ranged from 3.5 – 4.5″. Slab thickness 5.5″. Equipment includes the ScreedSaver MAX machine, Ligchine/Topcon 3 D GPS system and Ligchine Superflat roller screed head.

    Ligchine/Topcon 3D GPS concrete pour for Dollar Tree store parking lot

    Ligchine/Topcon 3D GPS concrete pour for Dollar Tree store parking lot.
    Square footage: 28,900 (2685m2)
    Concrete average thickness: 6″ (15cm);
    Concrete slump = 3.5″ (9cm) – 4.5″ (11.5cm);
    Site included 3 interior storm drains as well as 4 perimeter drains and numerous grade changes.

    Ligchine/Topcon 3D GPS System

    Ligchine International and Topcon Positioning Systems are pleased to release the world’s first GPS-Laser 3D system placed on a boom operated screed for screeding multi contoured concrete in parking lot applications. This video is the final test of the GPS Millimeter system on our ScreedSaver. This was a 500 yard pour for a 26,000 sq. ft. (2,420 m2) store parking lot with 5 points of height/slope variance for water runoff and drains. Slump varied considerably from 2.0″ to 6.0″. Pavement thickness 6″. Tolerances obtained were consistently less than 1/4″.

    This 3D system is compatible with all man?rel=0&ampufactured Ligchine Screed machines.

    ScreedSaver MAX – 1,000 yard day

    ScreedSaver MAX is designed for the bigger pours. On this particular day the machine placed nearly a 1,000 yards of concrete for this 40,000 sq ft manure pit.

    ScreedSaver MAX with Paver/Superflat combo head running on Heat Tubing 2014

    Ligchine introduces the industries first combo Paving and Superflat screedhead. We’ve added a powered roller to our standard “Superflat” screed head that already includes a plow, long wear double flight auger and a vibrating finish blade. Powder coat finish reduces cleanup time. With the Roller added you can handle any slump or mix no matter how thick or sticky the additives have made it. Removable finish blade means you can screed Pervious concrete with this head.

    Customer screeds 75,000 sq ft (7,000 m2) first 2 days of ScreedSaver ownership

    Tru Concrete Solutions in Michigan took delivery of their ScreedSaver MAX machine on a Friday morning. By Saturday night they had placed 1,400 yards of concrete to complete a 75,000 square foot agricultural storage pit slab.