ScreedSaver PRO 220 Screeding an Indoor Freezer Floor in Monroe, WI

    The PRO 220 demonstrates why more people are talking about Ligchine International!

    ScreedSaver Pro 220 – Dollar General concrete floor!

    The ScreedSaver Pro 220 screeds a concrete floor for a Dollar General store in southern Ohio.

    Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX PRO – screeding superflat floor with test results!

    Ligchine’s ScreedSaver MAX PRO screeds a superflat concrete floor at this 9000 sq. ft. site in southern Wisconsin. FL test results are featured at the end of the video using the new AXIOM 1155 Floor Profiler from Somero Matson Group!

    Ligchine International – Concrete Parking Lot with ScreedSaver MAX PRO with Topcon LPS

    Easily equip any ScreedSaver machine with the versatile Topcon LPS system for concrete paving. Not only does the MAX PRO master laser flat concrete slabs, it’s the perfect screed combination for contoured parking lots like this one in Iowa.

    Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX PRO with Topcon LPS – Interior Concrete Paving!

    Topcon’s LPS system allows for contoured concrete screeding and paving INDOORS. This sysem equipped on a Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX PRO was used to pave a new truck garage floor for the Illinois Tollway Department.

    Ligchine International ScreedSaver MAX PRO – 3D Concrete Paving with Topcon LPS System!

    Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver MAX PRO is featured in this jobsite with Topcon’s LPS system for contoured paving of this new concrete convenience store parking lot.

    Ligchine International – ScreedSaver MAX PRO demo!

    Ligchine’s newest laser guided screed, the ScreedSaver MAX PRO, is featured in this video screeding a new concrete floor in Missouri! The MAX PRO has a 360 degree rotating undercarriage for maximum navigation and reaching tight areas of the jobsite.

    Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX PRO – The only boom screed that could screed this difficult job!

    As you’ll see in this extended video, this is one of those jobs were stickups and posts are every few feet. Prior to Ligchine launching the MAX PRO with a 360-degree Zero Turn Drive system combined with 360-degree Boom rotation, it would have been impossible to use a boom operated screed on a jobsite like this. Now everything is possible.

    Ligchine International ScreedSaver MAX PRO – demo screeding gymnasium floor for many contractors!

    New for 2017, Ligchine’s ScreedSaver MAX PRO features an 360-degree rotating undercarriage and upper boom frame for ultimate maneuvering in cut-up jobsites. Watch this laser guided screed perform in front of a crowd of prospective concrete contractors from throughout the USA.