SCREEDSAVER Pro 220 Options:

High Performance Screed Head

Upgrade to the most advanced Screedhead ever introduced to the industry. This head features a reinforced frame for increased rigidity and includes Ligchine’s new “oversized, high speed, extra flighting” AUGER for superb results. User simplified adjustments insure faster resets for changes in mix, improved handling of oversized aggregate and increased consolidation due to a full-length vibration system. Available in varying lengths to match up to your choice of ScreedSaver machine.

Superflat 'Paver' Screed Head

Ligchine introduces the industry’s first combination Paving and Superflat screed head.  We’ve added a powered roller to our Superflat ‘Standard’ screed head that includes a plow, long wear double flight ‘hard steel’ auger and a vibrating finish blade.

Powder coat finish reduces cleanup time. With the Roller added, you can handle any slump or mix no matter how thick or sticky the additives have made it.

Removable finish blade also means that you can screed Pervious concrete with this versatile head.

Ligchine P/N: Assy – Paver/Post-9
Ligchine P/N: Assy – Paver/Post-10

Axiom 1155 Floor Profiler

When you are looking for the ability to measure Floor Flatness (FF) and Floor Levelness (FL) look no further. The Axiom 1155 floor profiler from the Somero Matson Group brings both simplicity and ease of use to the forefront. Built on the Android operating system, the Axiom 1155’s Measurement and Layout Companion apps can be used with a Bluetooth enabled Android phone or tablet.  The bundled package ships with a dedicated Android phone for ease of use. The average user now has the ability and guidance to reliably  test floors in accordance with the latest ASTM E1155 and TR-34 standards. Packages include a heavy duty carrying case, training videos, manuals, customer support.

Import final measurement results into the Excel based Desktop Report Generator, customize the report to include your company name and logo and send to your customers!

For more information, click here.

Float/Bump Cutter

We couldn’t find a superior float so we designed one and named it a “Ligfloat”.  Lightweight aircraft aluminum float/bump cutter with easy lift handle on the head.    Available in 6′ (2m) or 8′ (2.6m) lengths.   Poles not included, but available for purchase.

Ligchine P/N: Assy-Ligfloat 6′
Ligchine P/N: Assy-Ligfloat 8′
Ligchine P/N Assy Float Handles

Downrigger Rubber Pad Extensions

Hardened rubber extension pads for the downrigger pads for all ScreedSaver models.

Designated uses:
-Operating on heat tubing pipes and/or Styrofoam
-Setting down on stacked rebar

The 11.25” x 11.25” (28.5cm x 28.5cm) pads are waterjetted out of a very durable rubber material.  The extenders ship as a complete set of 3 pads including mounting hardware.

 Lighine P/N: Assy D-Rig Extenders

Lift Harness

A 3-point chain lift harness with 3/8″ Grade 100 chain capable of lifting up to 18,770 pounds (3,945kg) at a 45 degree spread angle.  This lift harness is properly designed to stabilize and balance your ScreedSaver MAX 200 machine during lifting.  Quickly snap the locking latch hooks to your machines welded on D-rings and raise or lower your ScreedSaver machine to areas otherwise inaccessible.

Ligchine P/N: Lift-Harness 03

Raised Screeding Platform (6 pack)

Lightweight aluminum frames with super strength plastic mats that allows you to achieve world class F numbers without damaging steel reinforcement sub-structure such as double mat rebar.  

This base kit is recommended for all 3 machines and includes: 6 aluminum platforms + 6 plastic mats + 2 Ramps + a lockable wooden crate that houses all items and it can be picked with a forklift to move it to the job site.

The size of this crate = 113” long x 66” wide x 31” tall (2.87m x 1.67m x .78m).   Weight of the crate full of all mats, ramps and platforms = 1,860lbs (843kg)

Ligchine P/N: Assy-Platform 6-01

Raised Screeding Platform (2 pack)

2 Pack expansion kit that can be added to the 6 pack standard kit for increased travel distance.  This additional kit is required for ScreedSaver II machines.   

Lightweight aluminum frames with super strength plastic mats that allows you to achieve world class F numbers without damaging steel reinforcement sub-structure such as double mat rebar.

This expansion system includes: 2 aluminum platforms + 2 plastic mats + a lockable wooden crate that houses all items and it can be picked with a forklift to move it to the job site.

The size of the crate = 113” long x 66” wide x 24” tall (2.87m x 1.67m x .61m)     Weight of the crate full of 2 mats and 2 platforms = 960lbs (435kg)

Ligchine P/N: Assy-Platform 2-01

Drive On Mats (each)

Heavy duty drive on mats made of 1/2″ thick recycled polyethylene making them virtually indestructible.  They are capable of holding over 100 tons of weight each.

Specifications:  4 x 8′ (1.22 x 2.44m) – 86lbs (39kg)

Ligchine P/N: Platform Mat-01

Track Set

The All-Terrain tracks that are standard on the ScreedSaver XTTM model can also be installed on the ScreedSaver MAX 200 machine.  These tracks will allow you to drive virtually anywhere with your machine and yet maintain the parallel to the pour driving capability of the ScreedSaver MAX 200.  Tracks can be interchanged with the front two tires if desired for different concrete applications.  Consult factory for details associated with this upgrade option

Ligchine P/N: Track Set-01

Screed Head Spare Parts Kit

A spare parts kit to service your screed head.   Kit includes:

-Vibrate Motor
-Vibrate Coupler
-Screed Head Flange Bearings
-Laser Eye Cable
-Finish Blade Rubber Bumper w/ Hardware

Ligchine P/N: Assy-Spr Parts-01 (Superflat Standard Screed Head)
Ligchine P/N: Assy-Spr Parts-02 (Paver/Superflat Combo Screed Head)

Spectra Precision® GL722 Laser

The Spectra Precision GL722 dual grade laser is one of the most advanced grade lasers on the market. The long range operation, advanced radio remote, grade matching, Planelok and Automatic Axis Alignment features mean that you can do quick but highly accurate set-ups for any grade application. With the GL722’s powerful, long range remote control, it takes one person to accurately set up and operate the grade laser.

Spectra Precision® UL633 Laser

The Spectra Precision® UL633 is the first construction laser allowing total automatic control of all three axes (X/Y/Z). Control of the Z axis is accomplished through the new “fan beam” technology, while control of the X and Y axis utilizes a dual radio connection.

Spectra Precision® GL422 Laser

The Spectra Precision® Laser  GL422 Grade Lasers are cost-effective, automatic self-leveling lasers that do three jobs—level, grade and vertical alignment with plumb. This laser feature a 2-way, full-function remote control so you can make grade changes from anywhere on the jobsite for reduced setup time and faster operation.

The  GL422 (dual grade) laser sends a continuous, self-leveled 360-degree laser reference over your entire work area, and have a wide grade range so they can be used in a variety of slope applications.