Frame width (o/s to o/s of Downrigger Pads) = 6’ – 4” (1.93m)
Front Tires (o/s to o/s) width = 5’ – 6” (1.66m)

Boom arm retracted = 14’ – 5” (4.5m)
Boom arm extended = 30’ – 9” (9.35m)

Top of fiberglass hood = 4’ – 2” (1.2m) (machine sitting in down position)
Top of Engine Breather (highest point) = 4’ – 6” (1.39m) (machine sitting in down position)

4,870 lbs (2,209 kgs) nominal with fluids (without Screed Head attached)

Extension distance = 16’ (4.9m)

Screed Head:
Auger/Plow Head = 12’6″ (3.8m). Weight = 285 lbs (129 kgs)

Screed Coverage:
220 square feet/pass (20.44m2) per pass.

Leveling Systems:
Automatic Laser Leveling – activate the wireless control button and the machine automatically adjusts the screed head at a rate of 10 times/second.
Manual Leveling (wet screed) – 3 Hydraulic down riggers independently controlled with wireless radio.

Electrical System:
FCC/EC approved Wireless Transmitter and Receiver with backup cable control. 12 VDC operating system. Sealed Calcium/Calcium Automotive Battery. Electronics Control Center with centralized fuse and relay panel.

Kubota D902 series, 3-cylinder, liquid cooled, 25 HP diesel motor. Tier 4, Stage IIIA compliant. Includes electric start, high capacity alternator and Parker MD4 Diagnostic Display

Fuel System:
Diesel fuel – 8 Gallon (30L) holding tank (TPM 40 CFR Part 1039 Section 625 and CCR 2423(d) compliant).

Drive System:
Front wheel drive hydraulic piston motors with wireless control.
Rear wheel hydraulic steering with wireless control.
360o pivoting hydraulic undercarriage drive frame for parallel to the pour driving (zero turn)

4 wheel/tire combination. Tires – Carlisle 6 ply Trac Chief – 28/8.50 x 15.

Hydraulic System:
Open loop with Master Manifold control. Fan cooled radiator.
Fluid level, temperature and pressure gauges.
Dual filtration system = In line filter + Magnetic suction pump.

Hydraulic Fluid:
20 Gallon (75L) capacity. ISO32 hydraulic fluid.