The Ligchine Story

Ligchine™ was founded in 2007 by Gary and Peter Ligman, an uncle-nephew duo with deep roots in the concrete construction contracting industry. As a cement contractor in the early 2000s, Peter needed an automated way to improve concrete placement efficiency and quality. However, no machines on the market were a good fit for his business. Drive-in machines lacked accuracy and durability, and boom-operated machines were virtually unaffordable.

Ligchine was born out of Peter’s motivation to design an innovative concrete screeding machine that was accurate, durable, versatile and affordable.

Peter created a prototype (see image) and brought his uncle Gary on board to help him transform this groundbreaking product into a business that other contractors could benefit from. Together, they revolutionized the concrete screeding market with a line of laser-guided boom operated SCREEDSAVER machines with better precision than any other machine on the market.

As Gary moved toward retirement and Peter desired to continue developing new products for the concrete construction market, they decided to bring in outside investors, Blue Sage Capital and Hanover Partners, to leverage the foundation they had built and help them grow the company to the next level. With new faces and ideas around the table, the company has added talented, experienced individuals to the leadership team to help drive the company for many years to come.

Original Prototype Of Ligchine Concrete Screed

A History Of Innovation

Our customers have been at the core of our development efforts. Listening to our customers throughout our history has allowed us to continually introduce the industry’s most advanced concrete screed machines, including the first:

  • Wireless remote-controlled screed machine
  • Only boom machine with “zero-turn drive” capability
  • Company to offer a range of boom-operated screeds to fit every size job/company
  • Only laser-guided screed offered with all-terrain track drive system
  • Screed machine operated with a 3D GPS satellite control system
  • Screed head mounted spray bar system to apply retarders or hardeners while screeding
  • Boom machine that can be transported with an economical sized truck and utility trailer
  • Boom machine with a screed head that can be changed out in minutes instead of hours
  • Boom screed light enough to run on heat tubing, rebar and vapor barriers without damage
  • With one-touch control that sets vibration, down riggers and auto level system automatically

As you can see, Ligchine’s roots are based on listening to our customers and designing a better mousetrap. Not only do we see ourselves as continuing to develop a steady stream of new products for the concrete market, but we also envision us stepping outside of the concrete space to adjacent markets.

In addition to design for constant innovation, an intense focus on customer service is also a key part of our culture. It shapes the way we hire employees into the company. Time is your enemy in the concrete business, so we bring employees into the company that understand what it’s like to work under pressure and have an intense commitment to serving the customer. It’s what we value – and we carefully nurture these values in all our employees.

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