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Ligchine™ designs and manufactures highly reliable laser-guided screeds using cutting-edge technology to automate the process of flat finishing concrete. Ligchine equipment is essential in the construction of every structure, building, warehouse or facility that requires a flat floor. Ligchine's product portfolio is comprised of a full line of high-performance boom-operated screeds and a new revolutionary drive-in machine that offers the greatest mobility and highest flatness numbers ever achieved by a drive-in machine. All machines can be custom-configured to operate with multiple machine control systems including laser, GPS (satellite) and LPS (robotic).


Modern Contractor Solutions Expo 2020

Register today for the first virtual trade show of 2020 serving the construction industry.

This is a safe alternative to attending a traditional trade show in the midst of the current pandemic. From the comfort of your home or office, you can virtually attend the expo on your smartphone or laptop. This virtual experience will save you from sitting in the middle seat on an airplane … and no travel expenses!

Below are some highlights of the event and how it works.

We look forward to your virtual visit on August 18th.

  • The virtual expo is totally FREE to contractors; no cost to register or attend.
  • There will be exhibit booths for you to visit from some of the top product and equipment manufacturers serving the construction industry.
  • Just like at a traditional trade show, you chose which booth(s) to visit and browse to look at products, tools, or equipment at your convenience; download literature; or speak with a live sales representative from that manufacturer via text chat or live video.
  • The best thing about this virtual experience is the time-saving click of a button to visit the next booth … no walking to get to the next exhibitor.
  • Instead of having to be out of your office for days and all the expense of travel, you can spend an hour at this virtual event and accomplish the same goals.
  • There will be educational videos, pre-recorded webinars, and product information video content for you to choose from.

Go ahead and register for the expo! You’ll receive confirmation of your registration. A day before the expo, you will receive an email with login and password information. You can attend once or come back as many times as you like within the hours of the virtual expo … it’s that simple!

Boom Operated Screeds

Drive-in Screeds

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Watch the Video below to see the SPIDERSCREED's features/benefits!

Your Source for Best-in-Class Leveling Technology

Ligchine equipment is essential in the construction of every structure, building, warehouse or facility that requires a flat floor. The Ligchine product portfolio offers advanced boom-operated screeds with industry-leading performance, as well as compact, lightweight and maneuverable drive-in systems for upper deck concrete and slab-on-grade screeding applications.

  • Leveling & Maneuverability