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Ask A Concrete Screed Expert

Ask An Expert: Boom Maintenance

Hey Justin… What is the best way to maintain the boom sections on my SCREEDSAVER”? Justin: That is a great question. The boom sections on your SCREEDSAVER are designed to be low maintenance.  The most

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ConcreteCommand_Construction Worker Measuring Concrete

The Importance of a Pre-Pour Meeting

One of the most important, yet often overlooked components to completion of a job successfully is the pre-pour meeting.  If your concrete construction business has grown like so many over the last couple years, there

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Ask A Concrete Screed Expert

Ask An Expert: Setting Grade

Hey Justin… What is one common mistake you see repeated on the job site that creates confusion and ultimately affects the quality of work? Justin: That is a great question.  One of the most important

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Save Big with Section 179 Tax Savings

Section 179 Tax Savings – 2021

Tax savings that make sense NOW!  Section 179 Tax Deduction and a new SCREEDSAVER. Concrete work is hard enough—don’t let taxes on your equipment purchases add stress to your business! Ligchine is here to help

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