Screed Heads

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Side-Shift Screed Head

The Side-Shift Screed Head is a 12’ (3.6m) auger screed head with hydraulically controlled lateral side-shifting ability for obstacle avoidance when screeding.

The key features of the side-shift screed head include an adjustable plow to regulate concrete to auger, double flight auger, extruded vibrating finish blade, a concrete additive spray bar, and lateral side-shifting with 24 inches (60 cm) of travel controlled via wireless remote.

Available only on the SCREEDSAVER™ ELITE.

High Performance Screed Head

High Performance Screed Head

Upgrade to the most advanced screed head ever introduced to the industry. This head features a reinforced frame for increased rigidity and includes Ligchine’s™ oversized, high speed, extra flighting auger for superb results. User simplified adjustments ensure faster resets for changes in mix, improved handling of oversized aggregate, and increased consolidation due to a full-length vibration system. Available in varying lengths to match up to your choice of SCREEDSAVER™ machine.

Paver Head.png

Paver/Superflat Combo Screed Head

This screed head is the industry's first combination paving and superflat screed head. We’ve added a powered roller to our standard superflat screed head that includes a plow, long wear double flight hard steel auger and a vibrating finish blade.

Powder coat finish reduces cleanup time. With the roller added, you can handle any slump or mix no matter how thick or sticky the additives have made it.

A removable finish blade also means that you can screed pervious concrete with this versatile head.

Standard Head.png

Standard Screed head

This screed head measures 12′ (3.6m) in length and utilizes all of Ligchine’s classic paver screed head features into a new robust A-frame style assembly. A redesigned plow helps protect auger and roller bearings from excessive concrete greatly enhancing bearing life. The concrete additive spray bar can be interchanged between the standard screed head and the paver screed head in a matter of minutes.