You be the Judge

Ligchine International™ introduced the world’s first “Large size” boom operated screed in 2012 with the launch of our ScreedSaver MAX 200 machine.  Somero® followed Ligchine in 2013 with the introduction of their S-15 machines. Ligchine dominates the “Large size” boom screed market outselling Somero® units worldwide at nearly a 2 to 1 ratio in year 2015.

Ligchine upgraded the MAX 200 machine in 2017 with a feature loaded version known as PRO 220.   The PRO 220 screed compares nicely with the Somero® S-15R as both machines screed 200 square feet (18.6m2) per pass with their standard screed heads.  Ligchine™ and Somero® both offer a convenient 360° hydraulic boom rotation, however, that is where the similarities end. The PRO 220 is loaded with design features never before seen on a screed of this size including:

Zero turn drive system – Push a button and you control a 360° hydraulic zero turn drive system. Drive in any direction. Work your way out of an enclosed jobsite in half the time with the total agility of zero turn functionality.

Built-in additive spray system – Standard on the PRO 220 is a liquid additive spray bar on the screed head with an on-board holding tank and automatic On/OFF activation. Batch plant shuts down – apply retarders. Eliminate the hand labor of spraying on hardeners while you screed.

We strongly encourage you to test a ScreedSaver PRO 220 side by side with Somero’s® S-15R machine.  We believe you’ll not only notice the difference in the slabs, but equally important, the difference in your bottom line as the feature loaded ScreedSaver PRO 220 sells for a fraction of the price of a Somero® S-15R.


Large Size Boom Operated Screeds
Specifications ScreedSaver PRO 220 S-15R
Engine Size  Kubota D902 (25hp) Diesel Kubota V1505 (44hp) Turbo DSL
Machine Size – Transport w/head W-6’4″ x  L-20’1″ x H-4’5″  W-6’8″ x L-24’4″ x H-6’4″
Machine Size – Transport w/head W-1.9m x L-6.1m x H-1.6m  W-2.0m x L-7.4m x H-1.9m
Machine Weight  4870lbs (2,209kg) 9,650 lbs (4,377 kg)
Drive System (Hydraulic) Two Wheel Proportional Drive All Wheel Proportional Drive
Parallel to the pour driving capable 360° Hydraulic Rotation 360° Hydraulic Rotation
Machine Operation Control 100% Wireless Remote Control  Seated Driver
Coverage per screed pass (no overlap)  220 sq. ft. (20.44m2) 200 sq. ft. (18.6m2)
Standard Screed head width  12’6″ (3.8m) 10′ (3.0m)
Boom Reach 16′ (4.9m)  20′ (6.1m)
Transport with Pickup Truck & Trailer Yes ?
Alternate Screed Head Options Paver, Pervious, Various Widths  Paver, Pervious, Various Widths
Grade/Slope/Dual Slope control Trimble LR30 Eyes (Included)  Somero® OASIS (included)
Contoured Slope 3D control (Optional)  Choice of Topcon 3D LPS or 3D GPS System Somero® 3D Profiler System®
Zero Turn Drive System Standard (Remote Controlled) No
Self-Contained Liquid Topping Sprayer Standard (Remote Controlled) No
Diagnostics (Hydraulic, Electrical, Engine and Laser Diagnostics) Standard – Parker MD4, 7″ color display with Touch Panel control Standard – DP610, 6.8″ color display