Save Big with Section 179 Tax Savings

Section 179 Tax Savings – 2021

Tax savings that make sense NOW!  Section 179 Tax Deduction and a new SCREEDSAVER.

Concrete work is hard enough—don’t let taxes on your equipment purchases add stress to your business! Ligchine is here to help customers understand and utilize Section 179 of the IRS tax code which allows businesses, like yours, the ability to deduct the FULL purchase or financed price of a Ligchine screed (or screed with 3D system, etc) from your gross income for 2021. Businesses of all sizes should take advantage of this incentive.

How This Type Of  Tax Deductions Works

When you purchase or finance a Ligchine screed (or other qualifying equipment) in 2021, you are able to write off the entire purchase price for the current tax year rather than slowly depreciating it over a longer time period. This will help your business overcome the financial burdens of acquiring new equipment, but it is only good for the corresponding tax year that the equipment is purchased in. Build slots for the end of 2021 are filling up quickly, so don’t miss out on this incredible tax advantage! The time is now to purchase new equipment and plan for next year’s concrete work!

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For additional information regarding Section 179; or to read about the qualifications, purchase limits, and calculations pertaining to Section 179 please see the official website here:

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