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In 2019, Ligchine™ introduced the SPIDERSCREED™ Series–a compact, lightweight and maneuverable drive-in system designed for upper deck concrete and slab-on-grade screeding applications. The drive-in SPIDERSCREED machine was designed to be lightweight and powerful, featuring a 100% TIG welded tubular aluminum cage design that keeps overall weight down to approximately 1,280 lbs. (581 kg). Its patent-pending 3-wheel Versa-Drive system, independent zero-turn drive, up to 90° horizontal drive, and lateral drive. It offers the industry’s best power to weight ratio (55 lbs. (25 kg) per horsepower), allowing lower slumps and cooler running at all times. It also incorporates Ligchine’s patented machine leveling system to ensure flatter floors and greater compaction than simple screed head only leveling systems.

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Watch Ligchine's SPIDERSCREED Handle 6,400 Sq. Ft. in Less Than 2 Hours

Ligchine SPIDERSCREED on Upper Deck!

SPIDERSCREED Features/Benefits

Ligchine SPIDERSCREED In Action

Ligchine SPIDERSCREED on Double Mat Rebar Concrete Placement with 3D LPS Application


SPIDERSCREED Specifications

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Width: 94 in | 239 cm

Length: 69 in | 175 cm

Height: 57 in | 149 cm

Weight: 1280 lbs. | 581 kg


• Front two tires: 12 lbs./sq. in.

• Rear tire: 10 lbs./sq. in.

Screed Head:

• 10 ft. | 3.1 m

• 8 ft. | 2.4 m (optional)

• The SpiderScreed features an auger in the screed head

Tires/Wheels: 3 wheel/tire combination. Tires – Carlisle 4 ply Trac Chief – 5.7" x 12"


• Eaton keypad for operator controls

• Parker MD4 7” touch-screen display for systems/diagnostic status

Leveling Systems:

• Standard - Automatic laser leveling (2 Topcon LS-B110 receiver eyes included)

• Optional - Topcon Sonic Tracker (2 Topcon ST-2 Sonic Trackers)

• Optional - Topcon Robotic Total Station Control

Engine: Honda GX630 – 20.8 HP | 15.5 kW

Drive System:

• Independent hydraulic front wheel drive

• Wheels linked together in unison achieving zero turn, parallel, and lateral steering and drive motions