Walmart Demands FLAT Floors – Ligchine™ Delivers!

Rarely does a week go by that our ScreedSaver machines aren’t on a Walmart floor somewhere in the world. Walmart set the standards years ago for flat floors demanding “super flat” for their facilities. They measure every floor for compliance with independent consultants.

Our BOSS 240 machine recently placed a floor for a new Walmart store in Houston, TX. Walmart hired two consultants to measure our floors. Our FL numbers ranged from 63 to 72 for the three days of screeding.

All Ligchine Screed machines are capable of achieving these flatness numbers, day in and day out, in “normal” operating mode. Higher FL numbers can be achieved by slowing down the boom return and/or increasing the overlap.


  • Social Media constantly has people claiming high FL numbers on floors, often using lower end screeds than our boom machines. Before you accept their claims, please contact the publisher and ask them to share the independent test report with you. Our experience has been the data is never available to share. Makes you wonder why!
  • Ligchine has purchased multiple state of the art Axiom 1155 floor profilers. When you ask us to demo our machine for you, we’ll gladly bring the tester so “you” can test the floors yourself. Seeing is believing!
  • Ligchine also suggests when we demo for you that you invite our competitor (and any machine they want to compare) to demo side by side with us. You measure both floors afterwards using the Axiom tester. You be the judge!

We’ve been building Boom Operated Screeds for nearly 12 years. We own multiple design patents on our machines and screed heads that result in our ability to achieve world class results. If you don’t already own one of our machines, we welcome the opportunity to demo the machine of your choice at your convenience.

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