Using A Laser Guided Concrete Screed on 42000sqft slab

What happens when you get a couple Ligchine SCREEDSAVER machines together? A well-executed 42,000 square foot slab pour!

Last month, I stopped at a job site in Noblesville, IN, where the day’s objective was to complete a 42,000-square-foot post-tension concrete slab for a new tennis facility. First mud was 3:00AM, and as the team assembled with their equipment, it was clear this was going to be a great day— two pump trucks, what seemed like an endless supply of concrete, and of course, a pair of Ligchine SCREEDSAVER machines. Ligchine customer Jordan Mast of Masterbuilt Surfaces brought out his SCREEDSAVER ELITE to tag team with our very own Alex Geving, North Central Territory Manager, running the SCREEDSAVER PRO.

Alex and Jordan split the pour right down the middle, leaving the few stick-ups to be handled by the ELITE, with its side-shifting screed head. Running two pump trucks allowed for a continuous flow of mud to each SCREEDSAVER, making quick work of the job at hand. Check out the video to see how this pour was wrapped up in about 8 hours by this hardworking crew led by the pair of Ligchine SCREEDSAVER machines.

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