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Introduced in 2017, SCREEDSAVER PRO™ offers the best of all worlds. The PRO combines the accuracy and durability of our standard MAX with design features included on our top-of-the line BOSS mega screed. Unique to the PRO  is the inclusion of our patent-pending zero-turn drive system that allows BOTH the upper boom frame AND the lower drive frame to independently spin 360°. It also features our automated concrete additive spray bar system integrated into the screed head, our on board color touchscreen full diagnostic display and Kubota’s newest Tier 4 DH902, 25hp Diesel Engine.

We attach our standard 12.6’ (3.8m) screed head to a boom that reaches 18’ (5.5m) which means you cover 220 sq. ft. (20.44m²) resulting in screed rates up to 7,000 sq. ft./hour (650m²) or more depending upon site variables. Screed accuracy (FF/FL) is world class!


Features And Benefits Showcasing The Latest SCREEDSAVER PRO
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Features And Benefits: Showcasing The Latest SCREEDSAVER PRO

Concrete Floor SCREEDSAVER PRO Screeding Superflat Floor With Test Results
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Concrete Floor: SCREEDSAVER PRO Screeding Superflat Floor With Test Results
Concrete Floor SCREEDSAVER MAX PRO Makes Quick Work At A Dollar General
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Concrete Floor: SCREEDSAVER MAX PRO Makes Quick Work At A Dollar General

SCREEDSAVER PRO Specifications


  • Frame width (o/s to o/s of Downrigger Pads) = 6’ – 4” (1.93m)
  • Front Tires (o/s to o/s) width = 5’ – 6” (1.66m)


  • Boom arm retracted = 14’ – 5” (4.5m)
  • Boom arm extended = 30’ – 9” (9.35m)


  • Top of fiberglass hood = 4’ – 2” (1.2m) (machine sitting in down position)
  • Top of Engine Breather (highest point) = 4’ – 6” (1.39m) (machine sitting in down position)

Weight: 4,870 lbs (2,209 kgs) nominal with fluids (without Screed Head attached)

Boom: Extension distance = 18’ (5.5m)

Screed Head: Auger/Plow Head = 12’6″ (3.8m). Weight = 285 lbs (129 kgs)

Screed Coverage: 220 square feet/pass (20.44m²) per pass.

Leveling Systems:

  • Automatic Laser Leveling – activate the wireless control button and the machine automatically adjusts the screed head at a rate of 10 times/second.
  • Manual Leveling (wet screed) – 3 Hydraulic down riggers independently controlled with wireless radio.

Electrical System: FCC/EC approved Wireless Transmitter and Receiver with backup cable control. 12 VDC operating system. Sealed Calcium/Calcium Automotive Battery. Electronics Control Center with centralized fuse and relay panel.

Engine: Kubota D902 series, 3-cylinder, liquid cooled, 25 HP diesel motor. Tier 4, Stage IIIA compliant. Includes electric start, high capacity alternator and Parker MD4 Diagnostic Display

Fuel System: Diesel fuel – 8 Gallon (30L) holding tank (TPM 40 CFR Part 1039 Section 625 and CCR 2423(d) compliant).

Drive System:

  • Front wheel drive hydraulic piston motors with wireless control.
  • Rear wheel hydraulic steering with wireless control.
  • 360° pivoting hydraulic undercarriage drive frame for parallel to the pour driving (zero turn)

Tires/Wheels: 4 wheel/tire combination. Tires – Carlisle 6 ply Trac Chief – 28/8.50 x 15.

Hydraulic System:

  • Open loop with Master Manifold control. Fan cooled radiator.
  • Fluid level, temperature and pressure gauges.
  • Dual filtration system = In line filter + Magnetic suction pump.

Hydraulic Fluid: 20 Gallon (75L) capacity. ISO32 hydraulic fluid.

Screed Head Options

Screed head options are shown below. Click here for additional machine options.

High Performance Screed Head


Upgrade to the most advanced screed head ever introduced to the industry. This head features a reinforced frame for increased rigidity and includes Ligchine’s oversized, high speed, extra flighting AUGER for superb results. User simplified adjustments insure faster resets for changes in mix, improved handling of oversized aggregate, and increased consolidation due to a full-length vibration system. Available in varying lengths to match up to your choice of ScreedSaver machine.


This screed head is the industry’s first combination paving and superflat screed head. We’ve added a powered roller to our standard Superflat screed head that includes a plow, long wear double flight auger and a vibrating finish blade.

Powder coat finish reduces cleanup time. With the roller added, you can handle any slump or mix no matter how thick or sticky the additives have made it.

A removable finish blade also means that you can screed pervious concrete with this versatile head.

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