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The SCREEDSAVER ELITE is Ligchine’s newest laser-guided concrete screed machine to join the SCREEDSAVER line of innovative, labor-saving machines. The SCREEDSAVER ELITE’s key features include a larger boom for greater accuracy and stability, a side-shift screed head making it easier to screed around stick-ups in the slab and all-wheel drive.

As with all Ligchine laser-guided screeds, the SCREEDSAVER ELITE is easy to transport with a 3/4 ton pickup truck and a trailer.

This machine is the most innovative and revolutionary laser-guided screed machine to join the SCREEDSAVER line of machines from Ligchine.


Concrete Floor: SCREEDSAVER ELITE - The Newest Ligchine Concrete Screed - Laser Straight Floors


Concrete Slab: Watch the SCREEDSAVER ELITE Perform Flawlessly

Concrete Floor: Ligchine's NEWEST Concrete Screed: SCREEDSAVER ELITE

Concrete Paving: SCREEDSAVER ELITE Uses 3D Topcon LPS


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Width: 5' 9" | 1.79 m

Length: 14'6" | 4.45 m

Height: 5'5" | 1.67 m

Weight: 6,540 lbs | 2,966 kg (Including screed head and full water tanks)

Boom Reach: 18' | 5.5 m

Side-shift Screed Head Length: 12' (3.6 m)

Drive System:

• All-Wheel Drive

• 4 wheel proportional

Screed Coverage: 216 square feet/pass (20 m²) per pass.

Engine: Kubota V1505, 4 cylinder / 3,000 rpm, diesel

Leveling Systems:

• 2D Laser Leveling (Standard) for Grade, Slope, Dual Slope - Topcon LS-B110

• 3D Systems (Optional) for Contoured concrete paving - Topcon 3D

mmGPS satellite control or LPS robotic.

Parallel to the Pour Driving Capable: Yes

Lighting System: 2 forward and 1 rear facing LED lights

Machine Operation Control: 100% wireless remote control

Self-contained Concrete Additive Sprayer System: Standard

Transport with Pickup Truck and Trailer: Yes

Machine Length When in Trailer Mode: 23' | 7.01 m

Screed Head Options

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Screed head options are shown below. Click here for additional machine options.

High Performance Screed Head

High Performance Screed Head

Upgrade to the most advanced screed head ever introduced to the industry. This head features a reinforced frame for increased rigidity and includes Ligchine’s oversized, high speed, extra flighting AUGER for superb results. User simplified adjustments insure faster resets for changes in mix, improved handling of oversized aggregate, and increased consolidation due to a full-length vibration system. Available in varying lengths to match up to your choice of ScreedSaver machine.

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This screed head is the industry's first combination paving and superflat screed head. We’ve added a powered roller to our standard superflat screed head that includes a plow, long wear double flight hard steel auger and a vibrating finish blade.

Powder coat finish reduces cleanup time. With the roller added, you can handle any slump or mix no matter how thick or sticky the additives have made it.

A removable finish blade also means that you can screed pervious concrete with this versatile head.