Ligchine invented the “large line” sized boom screed (200 sq. ft. of coverage) in 2012. The ScreedSaver MAX 200 is the workhorse of the Ligchine fleet and MAX 200 owners would say it is the best value of any Boom operated laser guided screed in the world.  You get a lot of machine at a very reasonable price!  ScreedSaver Max 200 integrates the technologies of the standard ScreedSaver II™ with the added features of front wheel drive and rear wheel steering: a 90o manual pivoting drive frame; and Kubota’s 25hp D902 Diesel motor. Like all Ligchine screeds MAX 200 is a wireless remote controlled screed.

We attach our standard 12.5’ (3.8m) screed head to a boom that reaches 16’ (4.9m) which means you cover  200 sq. ft/pass (18.6m2)  resulting in screed rates up to 7,000 sq. ft./hour (650m2) or more depending upon site variables.  Screed accuracy (FF/FL) is world class!


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